Kip Sofa Beds

Teal fabric 2-seater sofa bed
Kip Thin Arm Medium 2 Seater Sofa Bed, Teal Weave
W130 × D72 × H76 cm
Dark grey fabric sofa bed
Kip Armless Medium 2 Seater Sofa Bed, Dark Grey Weave
W128 × D72 × H78 cm
A sofa bed is one of the best investments for those homes where you know you want somewhere extra for guests to sleep, but where you don’t have a dedicated spare room or adequate space for a bed to be laid out and ready all the time. Read more…

The Kip sofa beds are an excellent example of just how versatile and comfortable such structures can be both as sofas and as beds – with the main body of the sofa doubling up as the headboard for the bed while the seat folds out and becomes a cushioned mattress for sleeping on.

One of the best things about the Kip sofa beds in particular is that they are super easy to use, and can be transitioned from sofa to bed in a few short moves. By rolling out the seat cushion into a mattress, and using the backrest cushion as an extended pillow, the Kip sofa bed is a functional and user friendly furnishing – and it looks good in situ too.

Available in a couple of different colours includes teal green and grey, and with different frame structures depending on how you want your sofa to look and be used, these sofa beds are stylish enough to be used as your everyday sofa in a living space – or can offer a way of dressing a spare room or home office for different uses.

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