Habitat Newell Leather Sofas

2-seater tan leather sofa with button back and wooden legs
Habitat Newell Leather 2 Seater Sofa
W165 × D89 × H84 cm
3-seater tan leather sofa with wooden legs
Habitat Newell Leather 3 Seater Sofa
W202 × D89 × H84 cm
Tan leather chaise end sofa
Habitat Newell Leather Left Hand Corner Chaise Sofa
W236 × D146 × H84 cm

Leather has long been considered a staple in the modern and more traditional family’s home – lending itself to vast and oversized armchairs, to comfortable sofas, and to occasion and statement chairs which are as much a part of the aesthetic design as they are a part of the home. Read more…

The Habitat Newell collection of leather sofas combines a rich leather with little details which serve to make the furnishings more modern and more attuned to the 21st century family.

The overall structure and design of each sofa has a more angular shape and finish – with square edges and a subtle square pattern which is created across each cushion with button detailing.

Wooden rounded legs hold the body of the sofa in place, while the lightly padded armrests facilitate maximum comfort and relaxation.

With a range of sofas available within the collection, families can select the piece which best suits their needs – from the two seater sofa to a longer three seater design and an expansive corner unit which is perfect for open plan spaces.

Add your own cushions for a pop of colour and personality or keep it minimalist with neutral colours – or with no added furnishings.

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