Habitat Hendricks Velvet Sofas

Rose pink velvet armchair
Habitat Hendricks Velvet Armchair
W103 × D92 × H76 cm
Natural velvet upholstered 3-seater sofa
Habitat Hendricks Velvet 3 Seater Sofa
W200 × D65 × H76 cm
Dark grey upholstered chaise end sofa
Habitat Hendricks Corner Chaise
W204 × D172 × H76 cm
Sage green velvet upholstered corner sofa
Habitat Hendricks Velvet Corner Sofa
W204 × D206 × H76 cm

If you’re looking for a way to soften the presentation of a modern home, add life and textural detail to an open plan living space, or simply elevate the luxury of a cosy family room, then look no further than the Habitat Hendricks sofa collection. Read more…

Shrouding each design in a velvet fabric which manages to be both stylish and incredibly luxurious, this collection is built from the concept of angular edges and sweeping lines – making it a clean fit for modern living but with subtle details that bridge style with comfort.

To look at the main frame of each sofa in the collection, from the single user armchairs up to the corner sofas and more, you’ll notice that far from a static body frame the elements of these sofas are connected via sweeping edges.

The armrests curve into the backbone of the sofa frame with an upwards curve, while the slightly rounded edges of the armrests blend seamlessly into the plump cushions on both the seat and against the backrest.

Button detailing is used to give each chair and sofa a clean finish, though it’s the diverse range of colours available which really make these furnishings perfect for any and all homes.

Some of the colours available include a bold pink, rich blue, deep grey, and a soft cream – ensuring there are options for colourful and more neutral spaces.

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