Eleanor Sofa Bed

Green fabric sofa bed with hairpin legs
A classy and modern example of a hybrid sofa bed, which will be right at home in your living space or spare bedroom…
Green fabric sofa bed laid flat
W204 × D87 × H80 cm

As sofa beds go, it doesn’t get much more stylish than the Eleanor sofa bed – built with a defined structure which remains as the bed is transitioned from a sofa into a comfortable double bed by laying the backrest of the item flat.

The armrests become somewhat of a base and headboard, while additional folded legs serve to hold the surface level and in place once laid out into a comfortable mattress. Read more…

Available in two colours, one a sofa sage green while the other is a more neutral and minimalist grey tone, this is a sofa bed which has been designed with modern living in mind – not only presenting an aesthetic which compliments a modern setting but also presenting two functions within a single furnishing, thereby facilitating a more open space.

Whether you place this sofa bed in your living space or keep it in a spare room ready for guests / as an area for relaxing, the simple design is attractive and fit for purpose.

This sofa bed comes equipped with two cushions which can be used as pillows or sofa cushions or replaced with your own brighter coloured and more patterned accessories for an added pop of personality.

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