Duplet Daybed

Split daybed with red fabric upholstery

When it comes to furnishing a small home, you’ll often find that multi-purpose furnishings and dual purpose items are not only space efficient but cost effective as well. The duplet daybed is one such investment piece, which combines its stylish aesthetic and functional structure to offer not just a couple but four different uses as per your needs.

The two layer day bed is constructed from two single bed frames which are neatly sat atop each other, presenting a single elevated mattress, or separating to become a pushed-together double bed or two single beds.

Grey fabric day bed as a sofa
When stacked, the entire construction can be used as a bed or a sofa / seating option in a living space – making it the perfect day-to-night furnishing for open plan living areas or smaller apartments and homes.
Day bed split into 2 singles
Side by side, a pair of single beds.
Day bed as a double
Or, put them together to make up a double.

Available in a multitude of fabrics and colours, this day bed is an innovative and versatile solution to modern living, which gives the owner full control over how the space is used.

With the frame presenting a simple and clean natural wood finish, the way you integrate colour into your interior space can inform your choice of finish across the fabric – with cushions and additional blankets perfect for adding extra colour and aesthetic detailing to the finished space.

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