Archie II Sofas

Small grey fabric upholstered sofa with arched wooden legs
Archie II Sofas

Finding a sofa for your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with so many different makes, models, and materials available on the market promising a multitude of benefits, advantages, and design traits.

The Archie collection immediately makes the job of finding your perfect sofa easier, by presenting three simple structures which can be tailored and personalised as per your requirements – inviting homeowners and buyers to select the ideal fabric and colour to suit their own home.

Available as an armchair, small two-seater sofa and a standard two-seater sofa, the Archie II sofa collection is not made to stand out but rather offers a range of furnishings which can fill a space, offer some extra comfort, and infuse a pop of colour into any room of the home. READ MORE…

Popular with modern and more rustic homeowners and interior decorators alike, these sofas are built onto simple arched wooden leg frames and boast oversized and incredible comfortable seat cushions for extra luxury.

Whether you decide to integrate just one piece from the Archie collection into your home, or purchase both the armchair and one of the two-seater sofas to add warmth and comfort to your home, quality is at the forefront of both the design and build of these furnishings – all without impacting the support and comfort that you get when you lean back into your sofa.

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