Ambleside Armchair & Sofa

Blue fabric armchair
Ambleside Armchair, Chenille Blue
W106 × D89 × H90 cm
Grey fabric 2-seater sofa
Ambleside Small 2 Seater Sofa, Textured Weave Grey
W166 × D89 × H90 cm
Blue fabric 3-seater sofa
Ambleside Large 3 Seater Sofa, Chenille Blue
W206 × D89 × H90 cm

Make a statement in your home with the Ambleside selection of armchairs and sofas – all combining a fabric covered structure with a lightly angled frame, which has been designed to fill a space and create a focal point but in a way which compliments a modern home. Read more…

With the same design concept and shape integrated across the armchairs and sofas, you will notice that not only does the angled armrest highlight the oversized frame, but it also creates a unique silhouette which stands out against the straight edges of a modern home.

The decision to cover the entire frame and cushions in the same fabric creates a cohesive aesthetic which softens the surrounding space. The legs of the chairs and sofas boast a similar concept in that they are slightly angled outwards – however, the angle opposed that of the armrests to balance the shape.

Available in a dark blue chenille fabric, or a more functional light grey fabric, homeowners can choose how they dress their home – with the personal addition of your own soft furnishings and cushions creating a look which is tailored to your home.

Or, if extra cushions aren’t your thing, why not match the chairs or sofa to your curtains, rugs, or even the decorative accessories which fill your home!

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