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Remi Living Room Furniture

Green painted coffee table with scallop detailing
Remi Coffee Table
W90 × D58 × H40 cm
Green TV unit with 2 shelves and 2 cupboards
Remi Wide TV Unit
W121 × D39 × H45 cm
Green painted sideboard with scallop detail
Remi Tall Sideboard
W86 × D39 × H119 cm
Green-painted 2-door cabinet
Remi Hallway Unit
W75 × D42 × H110 cm

How practical is your living room? Is your space all angles and modern features, or does your home boast a multitude of different finishes and textures as part of an eclectic overall design? Read more…

Most importantly, does your living space benefit from a range of different storage solutions, encompassing open shelving and closed cabinets and cupboards?

The Remi living room furniture collection ticks all of the above boxes with a range of furnishings for the modern home – not just covering the living space but extending into other areas of the home for a cohesive and design-centric finish.

Using a unique colour palette with simple design features which add personality to each piece, the beauty of this collection is that the teal green compliments a range of interior finishes – from natural wood to pure white.

The scalloped edge is the hero detail across each piece, despite being understated and subtle. Set along the bottom edge of the TV unit, sideboard, and hallway unit, and lining the surface of the coffee table, this scalloped edge adds a feminine charm to the otherwise very angular units and connects them to the softened edges of living room sofas and chairs.

Pair with natural and rustic, or modern and minimalist surroundings, to pack a teal-coloured punch.

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