Elliott Desk Lamp

Red adjustable desk lamp
Elliott Desk Lamp, Red
W50 × D17 × H58 cm
Slate blue adjustable desk lamp
Gloss Slate Blue
Green adjustable desk lamp
Grey adjustable desk lamp

A vintage-looking desk lamp with more than a few innovative and modern features. Boasting multiple elbows and joins, and an adjustable lamp head for convenience. Read more…

Elevate your workspace and make everyday work easier to manage, with this versatile and adjustable desk lamp.

Designed using the classic design, made famous by Pixar animations, the Elliot desk lamp may look vintage, but its mechanics are all modern innovation – including the elbows which are built into the main structure of the lamp, and its adjustable head for targeted light.

Available in a selection of bold colours which are designed to cut through the standard colours of a home office and of modern living, you can count on this desk lamp to add a little energy to your workspace.

Perfect for all members of the family, the combination of different joins and the adjustable heads allows you to move the light as close to your paper and the desk surface as you need to – controlling the light with a rotating switch on the head.

The final feature worth noting is the durable pull string which has been fixed in a loop to the head of the lamp. This makes it quick and easy for you to pull the light source down towards you, for optimum convenience and complete user control.

All you need now is some work to do and a colour that will inspire you.

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