Hallway Shoe Racks

It is possible to manage without a shoe rack in your hallway but, once you have one, you’ll find it does make life a little easier.

Is a shoe rack an extra expense you can do without? Sure, but you don’t have to spend a fortune and they do tend to last forever (so long as you avoid the really cheap options).

They come in all shapes and sizes and are made of sorts of materials, although you’ll find wood and metal the most common – and practical. Here are some of the most popular styles…

Wood Shoe Racks

Wooden racks tend to be made entirely from solid wood, even the cheaper options, and are pretty hard-wearing. Ideal for hallways or bedrooms and although they tend to be traditional in design you can still find some original alternatives.

Walnut shoe rack
Wenko Norway Shoe Rack
An attractive 2-tier rack made from walnut wood with a natural oiled finish. It’s stackable too, so you can buy 2 units to make a 4 tier rack.
W69 × D27 × H40 cm
£39.99 from johnlewis.com
Acaia wood shoe rack with 3 shelves
3-Tier Acacia Shoe Rack
A sturdy solid shoe rack made from acacia wood, complete with hooks on the side for extra storage capacity. Available in 5 different sizes with 2 to 5 shelves.
Available from amazon.co.uk
3-tier bamboo shoe rack with white frame
Bamboo Shoe Rack with White Frame
3 tier rack with 3 bamboo slat shelves and a white-painted frame.
W70 × D25 × H55 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
2 tier painted shoe rack with a natural wood bench seat
Modern Country Wooden Shoe Rack
2-tier rack with a lily-white painted finish and natural wood bench seat.
W82 × D30 × H48 cm
£90 from johnlewis.com

Metal Shoe Racks

Metal racks can often work out the cheapest option and you tend to get a wider variety of styles too – from plain metal to chrome or brushed-metal finishes, as well as some painted options. Some metal racks are also extendable, which is another benefit.

Grey metal 3-tier shoe rack
Narrow Shoe Rack, Grey
A lightweight grey metal rack; holds 6 pairs of shoes.
W50 × D30 × H51 cm
£35 from johnlewis.com
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