Malvern Hallway Storage

Hallway storage units with lined baskets
A collection of storage units, shelves, and baskets which are designed for use in the hallway. Simple in design, durable and functional – maximising the use of floor space…
Vertical storage unit with 4 wicker drawers
New Malvern 4 Drawer Storage Unit
W33 × D26 × H76 cm
White-painted shoe bench with 2 woven baskets
New Malvern Hallway Shoe Storage Bench
W63 × D40 × H48 cm
White storage unit with 6 woven baskets
New Malvern Hallway 6 Drawer Unit
W63 × D26 × H76 cm
White-painted console table with a pair of basket drawers
New Malvern Console Table
W63 × D26 × H76 cm

Finding the right storage for your hallway depends on a number of things, namely the space available and the way you use it; whether it leads into bedrooms, communal rooms, the kitchen, or your front door. Read more…

Generally seen as transient spaces in the home, which are passed through on a regular basis but where homeowners and visitors spend very little in the way of prolonged periods of time, finding the right furniture for the hallways means uniting the design of the space with functional items which maximise the use of floor space and which add aesthetic and practical detail but without getting in the way.

The Malvern collection of hallway storage solutions uses the aesthetic of a woven basket to inject texture into the hallway, creating aesthetic detail but without the need for colour or vibrant patterns.

As hallways are often compact in terms of space, furnishings need to be attractive without making the room or interior space feel smaller – which is why the white outer frame of the Malvern collection is so enticing for buyers.

With a range of solutions, from low set storage baskets to taller sets of shelves, this is a collection with something for every space – from large hallways in need of a little interior detailing, to more compact spaces.

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