John Lewis Metal Shoe Racks

Shoe storage has always presented an issue for homeowners of both large and small homes, seeing hallways littered with shoes and various storage solutions concealing shoes to the extent where owners forget what shoes they own and have available to wear.

Because of this, general consensus seems to conclude that the best form of storage for shoes is the simplest – with this selection of wire racks in various sizes affording a structurally stable, simple, single-colour toned and metallic solution with between three and six levels for shoes depending on the size of space you have available and the number of shoes you wish to store.

Grey painted 3-tier shoe rack
ANYDAY Narrow Shoe Rack, Grey
W50 × D30 × H51 cm
Black 5-tier metal shoe rack
5 Tier Slim Shoe Rack, Black
W48 × D28 × H100 cm
Black metal 6-tier shoe rack
6 Tier Metal Shoe Rack, Black
W75 × D28 × H120 cm

With two different designs available, one boasting static and flat shelves for shoes while the other offers slightly angled shelves with aged edges to hold shoes in position and prevent them from falling, this collection of metal shoe racks empowers homeowners to build upwards and use the wall space they have open in their hallway for storing shoes. Read more…

This is because each option uses a small amount of floor space with enough room for three of four pairs of shoes per shelf, building upwards and expanding with height as opposed to width.

Best of all, thanks to the simple and unobtrusive design of these racks, they are easy to integrate into any interior space or d

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