ANYDAY Ridge Shoe Storage Rack

2-tier shoe cabinet with ridged bamboo detail doors
ANYDAY Ridge Shoe Storage Rack, 2 Tier
W80 × D32 × H105 cm
2-tier shoe rack detail
Each drawer has two sections so can hold a total of 12 pairs of shoes…

If you’re looking for a solution to help manage your hallway, minimising the clutter and ensuring that your shoes and outdoor accessories all have a home, then look no further than the ANYDAY Ridge shoe storage rack. Read more…

Designed to compliment any setting and offer a functional and stylish solution for every home, this shoe rack combines design flair with a compact but accessible storage space – with two levels which open out to present an organised rack of shoes with ease.

The two storage compartments open outwards from the top, displaying a set of shelves which present your shoes seamlessly and enable quick and easy access to the right pair for different occasions.

Whether you decide to separate shoes belonging to different family members, or mix and match, the two layers of storage optimises the amount of space available without taking up too much floor space.

The design itself is incredibly simple but effective, leaning on clean white and light wood finishes with a ribbed textured frontage which enhances the aesthetic detail but in a neutral and modern way.

An easy way to enhance the functionality and design flair of your hallway, without trying.

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