ANYDAY Coat Stand

Black coat stand with round base
Anyday Coat Stand Black
W30 × D30 × H179 cm

If you often find coats flung across the banister of your hallway stairs, or bags tossed into the corner of your entranceway or porch, then it might be time to invest in a coat stand.
A simple yet sturdy solution to coat and outdoor clothing storage, which remains on show all the time while keeping your possessions tidy and organised, the ANYDAY coat stand boasts a minimal design with a painted central pole and round wooden hooks. Read more…

Available in black, white, or grey, the central pole of the coat stand is designed to integrate seamlessly into the surroundings, while the wooden hooks juxtapose the metal pole and contribute towards the modern design flair.

This combination of colours and textures elevates the aesthetic of the coat stand even when it’s not in use, so that it remains a stylish addition to your home with or without coats on it.

To consider the convenience of the coat stand as a functional interior accessory, it’s important to look at the placement of the hooks.

You will notice how the hooks are staggered as they move further up the pole, placed at different angles to ensure that the coats fall evenly and do not pile on top of each other.

All of this, on a coat stand which takes up minimal floorspace and can sit neatly in a hallway, entranceway, porch, or garage space.

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