Stromness Garden Lounge Chair

Outdoor lounging chair with green frame and woven cane back rest
Stromness Garden Lounge Chair
W72 × D78 × H86 cm
Garden lounging chair, side view
Curved back lounging chair, rear view

When it comes to outdoor and garden furnishings, the market boasts a wide array of pieces which range from purely functional to incredibly aesthetically focussed. The Stromness garden lounge chair sits somewhere in the middle, combining its unique and innovative design and look with a functional material use and structure. Read more…

Incredibly minimal in terms of the frame itself and the amount of material that is actually used, you will notice that this lounge chair is suitable for rain or shine with nowhere for rain water to collect.

This minimises the damage that can be caused by leaving your chair outside in the rain – and taps into the modern desire for barely-there furnishings which blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

The choice of sage green for the main frame, supplemented by the rattan weave backrest and the neutrally coloured seat cushion, connects this lounge chair with the modern use of neutral colours throughout the home – making this a great item through which to celebrate inside-outside living.

Finally, to the size and shape of the chair in terms of comfort – this lounge chair presents a minimalist aesthetic, however every feature in the build and structure is tailored around comfort and ensuring that the user can settle back into the chair and enjoy the sunshine.

All you need now is a cocktail and a good book!

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