Starburst Teak Garden Dining Table

Teak table with starburst pattern top
A bold and elegant design is worked into the very surface of this outdoor dining table, making it the perfect addition to your patio or garden…
Round teak garden table and 4 black metal dining chairs
Starburst Teak Wood 4-Seater Garden Dining Table
H74 × Dia.110cm
Round teak garden table with black metal frame
Starburst Teak Wood 6-Seater Garden Round Dining Table
H74 × Dia.150cm

An attractive addition to your patio or outside space, the beauty of the Starburst Teak garden dining table lies in the angle from which you view it. Read more…

Boasting a very simple and modern aesthetic from the side, it is only when you view the table from a birds eye perspective that you can truly revel in its design flair – with the teak wood arranged in a star design which bursts outwards from the central circle in the heart of the table.

Crafted from natural wood, any pattern and graining within the wood itself is entirely unique and comes with the material, while the use of a simple black metal frame and black metal chairs ensure that attention is not drawn away from the surface design.

The design itself, which mimics the flora found in many domestic gardens, is such that it is highly decorative but remarkably simple – perfect for a rustic outdoor space where you want to infuse simple but elegant furnishings into your garden.

Because this table is made from a durable wood, it manages to be weather resistant and suitable for life outside come rain or shine – with the finish on the table ensuring that it is not ruined by rainfall and light showers.

This is further enhanced by the black metal frame, perfect for all weathers.

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