St Ives Garden Furniture

|Outdoor modular garden furniture with cream cushions
Offset a rustic garden space with this clean and light garden collection – blending soft cream colours with light natural wood frames, pallet wood detailing, and a range of matching items which all optimise the way you want to use and furnish your outside space…
Outdoor sofa, chair and footstool with natural wooden frames and cram fabric covered cushions
St Ives 2-Seater Garden Lounging Sofa, Lounging Armchair & Matching Footstool
Outdoor wooden coffee table
St Ives Garden Coffee Table
Outdoor modular chair and corner section with wood frame and cream fabric covered cushions
St Ives Single & Corner Modular Garden Lounge Chair

From the garden lounge sofa to the coffee table and modular corner seat, the beauty of this collection is that it uses a timeless blend of natural wood and soft cream fabric, balancing the two with a structured pallet-effect armrest frame on the outdoor sofas and armchairs, and a simpler natural wood underframe for the coffee table. Read more…

The choice of eucalyptus wood means that each item in the collection benefits from the warm colour tone of this wood, enhanced by the graining and pattern which brings it to life.

The cushions are removable and are easy to clean and wipe down as required, making each item suitable for a life spent outside.

More than that though, the St Ives garden furniture set boasts items which belong outside, but which are stylish enough that they not only compliment your interior setting but could bridge the gap between the two and be used both inside and out.

This perfectly compliments the modern idea of inside/outside living and ensures that your entire home presents a stylish and cohesive balance throughout.

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