St Ives Outdoor Furniture

A simple but versatile range of modular garden furniture featuring rustic eucalyptus hardwood frames and cream coloured weather-resistant cushions.

Unlike some modular range with a confusing array of options, the St Ives outdoor range comprises a just few pieces which can be easily combined to suit your needs. The options also afford a more traditional look with the benefit of a lounger-style armchair and a 2-seater sofa.

Modular wooden garden chair with cream cushions

St Ives Outdoor Single Modular Lounge Chair – this chair can be used in isolation or combined with a corner unit to create a customised outdoor seating solution. W70 × D80 × H78 cm. £250

Outdoor corner chair with cream cushions

St Ives Outdoor Corner Chair – a versatile corner section to combine with a single modular chair, or more. W80 × D80 × H78 cm. £350

Garden lounging chair with cream cushions and wooden frame

St Ives Outdoor Lounging Chair – a conventional chair with high armrests. W78 × D80 × H65 cm. £320

2 seater outdoor sofa

St Ives 2-Seater Outdoor Lounging Sofa – a generously proportions outdoor sofa. Works fine on its own or to compliment the armchair. W153 × D80 × H65 cm. £600

Combined coffee table and footstool

St Ives Coffee Table/Footstool – a large format, square coffee table with the addition of a cushion so you can also use as a footstool. W80 × D80 × H44 cm. £190

Narrow outdoor table

St Ives Outdoor Side Table – a rectangular table, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Also fits perfectly between 2 armchairs. W35 × D80 × H65 cm. £89

St Ives Outdoor Furniture Sets

Alternatively, you can buy one of two sets. A modular corner set with one each of the tables, or a pair of armchairs with a sofa and a single table.

Modular garden furniture set

St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables and Chairs Set – a versatile furniture set comprising of 2 corner seats and a pair of armchairs plus a side table and combined coffee table/footstool. £1,430

Outdoor furniture set

St Ives 4 Seat Garden Lounging Table and Chairs Set – this conventional set features a pair of armchairs, 2-seater sofa and a coffee table/footstool. £1,430

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