Milson Garden Table & Chair Sets

If you’re looking for a way to embrace the indoor-outdoor living trend, want to harness the aesthetics of a bland outdoor space with some ornate furniture, or simply want to make your garden or patio more accessible and comfortable for family use and alfresco gatherings, the Milson garden table and chair sets embody simple but stylish designs for every space.

Outdoor sofa with a pair of matching chairs and a height-adjustable table
Milson 5-Seater Height Adjustable Garden Dining Table & Chairs Set
A 3-seater sofa and a pair of matching armchairs plus a height-adjustable coffee/dining table
Sofa: W196 × D80 × H77 cm
Chair: W77 × D80 × H77 cm
Table: W140 × D80 × H66 cm
Outdoor corner sofa with bench, stool and square coffee table
Milson 8-Seater Height-Adjustable Square Garden Dining Lounge Table & Chairs Set
A woven rattan corner sofa complete with a pair of matching ottoman style benches and a square height-adjustable table.
Sofas: W125 × D77 × H84 cm & W204 × D77 × H84 cm
Ottoman Bench: W80 × D40 × H67 cm
Stool: W40 × D40 × H85 cm
Table: W91 × D91 × H47 cm
Garden corner sofa, bench and stool with a height-adjustable table
Gallery Direct Milson 8-Seater Height Adjustable Garden Dining Table & Chairs Set
A woven rattan corner sofa complete with cushions together with a matching bench, stool and height-adjustable coffee/dining table.
Sofas: W190 × D75 × H85 cm & W204 × D75 × H85 cm
Ottoman Bench: W80 × D40 × H45 cm
Stool: W40 × D40 × H85 cm
Table: W140 × D40 × H66 cm

The woven rattan structure of each chair lends itself to a rustic finish, while the addition of cool neutral cushions and a mirrored glass surface on the table elevate the presentation to become something more stylish and modern. Read more…

Whether you keep the set contained in a single space or spread it out and create small pockets of comfort across your outdoor area, these furnishings are harmonious with nature and manage to compliment rather than draw attention away from the surroundings of an outside space.

Not to mention, the glass topped table reflects sunlight perfectly, brightening up the entire area and making it the perfect functional yet aesthetically pleasing space.

In addition to the standard sofa and two-armchair set, you can also get your hands on a corner sofa for optimum comfort – with the latter perfect for a larger and more open plan space, allowing you to seamlessly create a comfortable and self-contained area amid the broad floor plan.

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