Kettler Surf Garden Furniture

Grey metal garden furniture with grey cushions
With clean lines, angular edges, and a modern grey colour palette, the Kettler Surf collection offers a diverse and unique array of outdoor furnishings which are all geared around making your outside space a calm and relaxing environment…
Grey garden recliners
KETTLER Surf Multi Position Reclining Sun Loungers
W60 × D110 × H112 cm
£398 a pair
Pair of grey sun loungers with a side table
KETTLER Surf Active 2-Seater Garden Companion Set
Chairs: W72 × D73 × H90 cm
Table: W56 × D56 × H40 cm
Footstool: W66 × D53 × H37 cm
Grey garden sofa, 2 chairs and a coffee table
KETTLER Surf Active 4-Seater Garden Lounge Set
Sofa: W127 × D72 × H90 cm
Chairs: W73 × D72 × H90 cm
Table: W100 × D60 × H40 cm
Square grey dining table and 4 grey dining chairs
KETTLER Surf 4 Seat Garden Dining Table and Stacking Chairs Set
Chairs: W58 × D67 × H99 cm
Table: W90 × D90 × H75 cm

Boasting sofas and armchairs as well as recliners and lounge chairs, homeowners can choose between everyday items and more personal touches which help you to bring your garden or patio to life – perfect for entertaining, spending time with friends and family, or relaxing. Read more…

In terms of the structure, each piece in this collection is remarkably simple. A matte grey metal frame is enhanced with lightweight but comfortable cushions across both the seats and the backrest, while the addition of features like the cushioned footstool and wood-panelled armrests solidify this collection as a high value and stylish option for your home.

While the reclining sun loungers boast a canvas-style fabric structure which supports the body while presenting enough give for you to relax back into the seat, the full lounge chairs and matching foot rest offer a sturdy structure which lends itself to a grass setting or more formal patio environment.

Whether you use your chairs everyday or for sporadic dining and time spent outside, this is a collection which delivers reliability when you need it – and if the deep grey is too bland for you, you can always add your own accessories and cushions!

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