Kettler Freestanding Parasol

Freestanding parasol with built-in lighting
Freestanding Parasol with Lights and Speakers

If you have an outdoor space that you like to use for relaxing, dining, or entertaining – then you will be no stranger to the need for accessories and furnishings which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And when the sun is shining on your space, but your guests or family members want a little shade, what better way to create the perfect area than with a freestanding parasol – complete with added features to optimise and enhance the experience?

The Kettler freestanding parasol comes in a range of different versions – from the standard parasol with its sweeping curved shape to ensure that the stem and arm do not get in the way of your seating space, to the enhanced version with built-in lights and wireless speaker system. Read more…

Fully rotational, these parasols allow you to follow the sun as you enjoy sitting outside – all without the structure of the parasol getting in the way of your socialising or dining.

Made in three different colour schemes, this parasol comes in a deep slate grey, a lighter stone colour, or a softer taupe tone to suit your outdoor vibe and overall decorative scheme.

All you need now is a comfy chair to sit back in and some sunshine to revel in.

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