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Whilst we always hope for a glorious summer it’s inevitable that we’ll see rain at some point. It makes sense, therefore, to be prepared to keep our garden furniture protected from the worst of the elements. These cushion bags and furniture covers make a great investment over the years as your furniture, no matter what material it is made from, will last far longer if it doesn’t have to endure the worst of the weather year after year.

Garden Cushion Storage Bags

If you’re confident that your furniture can endure a bit of bad weather then it may be only the fabric-covered cushions that you need to protect? In which case, one of these showerproof holdall-type bags may be all you need. A choice of 3 sizes covers most needs although, for a large corner or dining set, you may need more than one.

Small waterproof cushion storage bag
Cushion Storage Bag (Small)
W125 × D55 × H65cm
£19.99 (plus delivery)
Grey cushion storage bag
Medium Cushion Storage Bag
W170 × D60 × H70cm
£29.99 (plus delivery)
Large storage bag for garden cushions
Large Cushion Storage Bag
W175 × D80 × H90cm
£39.99 (plus delivery)

For protecting your outdoor furniture these showerproof covers are designed to fit most standard shapes of garden tables & chairs and will keep your furniture safe from the worst of our Great British climate.

The seams are reinforced for extra protection and tie straps are included. The covers also have ventilation pockets to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.

Bistro Set Covers

For a typical bistro set, that is a small round table and 2 chairs, one of these covers in green or grey will keep everything covered and protected from the elements.

Green cover for a garden bistro set
Small Bistro Set Cover
W150 × D70 × H90cm
£29.99 (plus delivery)
Grey garden bistro set cover
Medium Bistro Set Cover
W162 × D77 × H102cm
£34.99 (plus delivery)
Round grey furniture cover
2-4 Seater Outdoor Round Furniture Set Cover, Grey
W140 × D140 × H100cm
£40 (from
Rectangular Garden Furniture Covers

These wider covers are best suited for small dining sets or very large bistro sets, perhaps with 4 chairs instead of 2…

Forest green garden furniture cover
Medium Rectangular Furniture Cover
W210 × D110 × H80cm
£39.99 (plus delivery)
Large green outdoor furniture cover
Large Rectangular Furniture Cover
W245 × D120 × H60cm
£49.99 (plus delivery)
Rattan Garden Furniture Covers

Because rattan furniture tends to be bulkier than wooden or metal alternatives, these covers are slightly larger and may also be ideal for a larger garden furniture set of any material…

Medium sized garden furniture cover
Medium Rattan Furniture Cover
W170 × D170 × H80cm
£49.99 (plus delivery)
Large green outdoor furniture cover
Large Rattan Furniture Cover
W235 × D195 × H80cm
£54.99 (plus delivery)
Large circular garden furniture cover
Large Round Patio Cover
W250 × D250 × H80cm
£59.99 (plus delivery)
Large grey outdoor furniture cover
6-8 Seater Outdoor Round Furniture Set Cover, Grey
W250 × D250 × H110cm
£65 (from
Corner Garden Furniture Set Covers

Unless there is a set specially made for your outdoor corner furniture, these are always difficult to keep protected. One of these general purpose corner covers may well be about the right size though?

Grey corner cover
Corner Sofa Garden Furniture Cover – Small (Grey)
W221 × D221 × H60cm
£49.99 (plus delivery)
Green corner cover
Small Corner Garden Sofa Set Cover (Green)
W221 × D221 × H60cm
£49.99 (plus delivery)
Green medium garden furniture corner cover
Medium Garden Corner Sofa Set Cover
W221 × D221 × H73cm
£59.99 (plus delivery)
Outdoor corner furniture cover
Rattan Corner Dining Set Garden Furniture Cover
W257 × D250 × H83cm
£69.99 (plus delivery)
Extra Large Outdoor Furniture Covers

For large outdoor dining sets and modular garden furniture…

Grey cover for outdoor furniture
Extra Large Furniture Sets Cover
W263 × D177 × H95cm
£59.99 (plus delivery)
Outdoor dining set cover
Large Dining Set Cover
W282 × D282 × H97cm
£79.99 (plus delivery)

These generic outdoor furniture covers are available to order online at

(Very – No charge for ‘Click and Collect’ orders, otherwise a standard delivery charge of £3.99 will apply at John Lewis delivery is free for click and collect or orders over £50, otherwise a standard delivery charge of £3.50 will apply)

Amazon Basics Garden Furniture Covers

Amazon’s own-brand range of outdoor furniture covers is fairly comprehensive with covers to fit single chairs, sofas and tables as well as larger generic covers to fit dining and modular garden sets.

General purpose outdoor storage bag
AmazonBasics Patio Seat Cushion Cover Storage Bag
A versatile protective storage bag for cushions and seat covers.
W115 × D35 × H51cm
see site for details
Patio chair cover
Amazon Basics High Back Patio Chair Cover
A cover for a standard high-back garden chair.
W65 × D82 × H86cm
see site for details
Protective cover for stacking chairs
AmazonBasics Stackable Patio Chairs Cover
Covers up to 6 stacked chairs.
W65 × D85 × H114cm
see site for details
Outdoor lounge seat cover
AmazonBasics Lounge Deep Seat Furniture Cover, Set of 2
A set of 2 covers to fit a lounging-style garden chair.
W93 × D75 × H67cm
see site for details
Outdoor sofa cover
AmazonBasics 2-Seater Bench Cover
Ideal for protecting a wooden or rattan garden bench seat.
W123 × D76 × H80cm
see site for details
Outdoor sofa cover
AmazonBasics 2-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Cover
W137 × D97 × H74cm
see site for details
Outdoor dining table cover
AmazonBasics 72-Inch (180 cm) Dining Table Cover
W183 × D112 × H58cm
see site for details
Outdoor table and chair set cover
Amazon Basics Round Patio Table and Chair Set Cover, Large
W239 × D239 × H58cm
see site for details
Outdoor dining set cover
Amazon Basics Rectangular Oval Patio Table and Chair Set Cover, Large
W274 × D208 × H58cm
see site for details
Outdoor furniture fastenings
All the Basics furniture covers feature a snap-fit and drawstring closure for a perfect weather tight fit.

The Basics range also includes alternative options for different sized sets as well as covers for outdoor heaters, parasols, etc. See the full range here…

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