Chunky Weave Garden Furniture

Woven rope style outdoor corner sofa
Chunky Weave 5-Seater Garden Furniture

Styling a modern garden or outdoor space often means finding the perfect balance of comfort and aesthetic styling – both in terms of the seats you integrate into the space, and any additional surfaces or focal points.

This Chunky Weave Garden furniture set is designed to impress, creating its very own centre point with the curved structure of the sofa identifying a definitive central location.

Grey chunky weave garden armchair with grey cushions
Chunky Weave Garden Lounge Chair
W92× D79 × H83 cm
Outdoor footstool with grey metal frame and grey cushion
Chunky Weave Garden Footstool
W38× D60 × H24 cm
Chunky fabric weave sofa with grey cushions
Chunky Weave 2-Seater Garden Sofa
W171× D79 × H83 cm

While the cushions and the shape of the sofa present a typical L-shape, the exterior frame is curved – complementing the use of thick woven strands in creating the shape of the sofa. READ MORE…

And it’s not just about seating with the Chunky Weave set – additional surfaces are available in the form of the garden coffee table – which blends a thickset and sturdy surface with a woven frame in a solid metallic material.

The end result is both modern and presents a great way to use the outdoor space – allowing light to shine through the base of the table so that every corner of your seating area benefits from natural light.

The colours of this garden furniture set are deliberately dark and neutral to contradict the vibrancy and natural palette of an outdoor setting – making your seating area a centrepiece in its own right.

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