Barlow Tyrie Aura Outdoor Dining Sets

Teak garden table and chair set with charcoal grey frames
Barlow Tyrie Aura

With so many natural wood and soft coloured outdoor furniture collections and sets dominating the market, it can be difficult to find really striking and monochromatic collections which are designed to stand out. After all, consumers often feel drawn to the natural blending of wood in a garden and end up overlooking the power and value of more distinctive colour palettes.

The Barlow Tyrie Aura collection breaks that trend and breathes life into the concept of modern outdoor styling, with a clean cut blend of pure black and natural wood across both the dining table and chairs.

Teak garden table with black frame and 6 matching chairs
Barlow Tyrie Aura 6-Seater Teak Wood Garden Dining Table & Chairs Set, Charcoal
Table: W145 × D90 × H74 cm
Chairs: W58 × D66 × H91 cm
Large outdoor dining table with 8 matching chairs
Barlow Tyrie Aura 8-Seater Teak Wood Garden Dining Table & Chairs Set, Charcoal
Table: W200 × D90 × H74 cm
Chairs: W58 × D66 × H91 cm

Available in two sizes, this collection can also be purchased in a blend of wood and white colouring, creating a different aesthetic which is brighter – we tend to find the black works well within a patio outdoor space while the white compliments decking and more harmoniously. Read more…

The chairs themselves are built to last, using a mesh style fabric seat and backrest which is completely weatherproof and allows rainwater to flood through the fabric rather than pooling in the seat of the chair and causing long lasting damage.

The aluminium frame is again durable against all weather conditions and ensures that the chairs are super lightweight and easy to move around and configure as required.

The dining table frame matches the aluminium with a hardwood surface finish for that cohesive but striking end result.

The perfect blank canvas for all your outdoor events and meals.

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