Adelaide Garden Furniture

$-seater grey rattan outdoor sofa set
Adelaide 4 Seater Garden Corner Sofa Set
Table: W80 × D50 × H35 cm
Sofa: W197 × D137 × H71 cm
Outdoor grey rattan corner sofa, 2 stools and a rattan dining table
Adelaide 7 Seater Corner Sofa Set
Table: W110 × D110 × H68 cm
Sofa: W178 × D178 × H71 cm
Grey outdoor dining table with a set of 6 grey rattan chairs
Adelaide 6 Seater Garden Table & Chairs
Table: W170 × D90 × H75 cm
Chair: W48 × D56 × H88 cm
Square grey dining table and 4 grey rattan chairs
Adelaide 4 Seater Garden Table & Chairs
Table: W90 × D90 × H75 cm
Chairs: W48 × D56 × H88 cm

What does your perfect outdoor furniture set look like? It is bold and oversized, designed to stand out against the natural backdrop – or is it subtle and rustic, with elements which match and mimic the surroundings? Read more…

The Adelaide garden furniture collection falls into the former camp with its deep grey colour palette and thickset design which is seen across the corner sofa, coffee table, dining chairs, and the various dining and bistro tables.

With the woven-effect surface on both the tables and chairs supplemented with seat cushions and held in place by a simple metal frame, durability is an integral selling point across this whole collection – as is the simple but modern and elegant aesthetic of each individual furnishing and piece.

The woven texture across both the table surfaces and the seats gives the entire collection a little more of a whimsical and rustic look despite the grey colour palette – with homeowners heralding the neutral grey tone in so far as it compliments and looks good against a wild garden as well as a more manicured outside space.

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