Umberto Sideboard & Drinks Cabinet

Bring art deco styling to your bedroom, dining space, living room, or hallway – with this Umberto sideboard and drinks cabinet…

Mango wood cabinet with brass finish doors and frame
Umberto Brass Sideboard
W76 × D40 × H76 cm
Mango wood bar cabinet with brass finish doors and frame
Umberto Brass Bar
W76 × D40 × H137 cm

A diverse and incredibly versatile furnishing which combines its elaborately textured frontage with accessible interior storage and two different heighted frames depending on your ideal placement and how you want to use the furnishing as part of your functional home décor, the main selling point of this particular piece is its gold colour palette and the exquisite front which makes it an instantly design-focussed accessory for the home. Read more…

The gold colouring enriches this cabinet with the kind of finish which perfectly elevates a modern and very neutral space, or which compliments the confines of a traditional colour scheme with ease.

Set atop a brassy coloured frame and with ornate handles to grant access to the cupboard’s interior, this cabinet is designed to store anything from magazines and glasses to your favourite drinks – with the art deco aesthetic in particular lending itself to a home where entertaining is a core part of your lifestyle.

Surround this cabinet with natural furnishings and neutral settings to make it a standout feature, or shine a soft coloured lamp on it to tone down the gold finish and give it a more traditional vibe.

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