Lando Sideboard

Rounded end sideboard with a forest green top and lacquered oak finish
With curved edges, a contrasting surface and base layer, and a wide expanse of closed-door cupboards and cabinets, the Lando sideboard is not only a striking addition to a living space or hallway, but also makes for an incredibly useful furnishing for the home…
Lacquered oak sideboard with polished forest green top
W175 × D52 × H60 cm

Made from a lacquered wood which maximises the presentation of the natural grain, and which perfectly contrasts the colourful top surface and matching base layer, this sideboard is ideal for a modern or a more eclectic home. Read more…

Despite its incredibly long design, the minimal depth and height of the sideboard means that it can just as easily be built into a hallway as a larger open space, making this great for improving the first impression of your home from the entranceway.

Four individual cabinet doors conceal storage spaces within – all of which are accessible with golden brass handles, utilising the full expanse and depth of the unit. The four legs which hold the sideboard in place have been designed to match the handles, adding to the natural wood and elegant green surface to create a subtle art deco aesthetic.

Add your choice of accessories, and position in a neutral space to really let the colours and juxtaposing textures pop.

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