Ike Sideboards & Cabinets

Black cabinet with 2 fluted glass doors and a wide drawer
Ike 2 Door 1 Drawer Cabinet
W65 × D38 × H105 cm
Tall black cabinet with 2 fluted glass doors
IKe Large 2 Door Cabinet
W70 × D38 × H120 cm
Black frames cabinet with fluted glass doors
Ike 4 Door Sideboard
W120 × D35 × H75 cm
Wide black sideboard with 6 fluted glass doors
Ike 6 Door Sideboard
W180 × D38 × H85 cm
Tall black cabinet with glass doors
Ike Tall Cabinet
W72 × D38 × H180 cm
Tall black display cabinet
Ike Shelving Unit
W92 × D36 × H200 cm

The Ike sideboards and cabinets collection is proof that storage solutions don’t have to be bland, and nor do they have to integrate seamlessly into your surrounding space. The Ike collection is designed to stand out, featuring a rich grey/blue coloured frame and ribbed glass which offers a warped look at what’s inside – all finished with brassy details and added features which add to the rustic yet industrial aesthetic of each piece. Read more…

With a range of different storage options encompassing low-set and wide units as well as taller cabinets, all fronted with the same glass and boasting the same overall design, one of the biggest benefits of this particular collection is the way that each unit and furnishing becomes a decorative feature within the surrounding space.

Despite being primarily functional with added storage, the design of these units means that they draw the eye and present a modern finish which is industrial, and which leans on texture as well as colour – all of which are signs of contemporary style perfect for a minimalist home setting.

The combination of golden brassy features and the rich grey/blue colour palette of the main body of each unit gives each piece a timeless elegance, well suited to natural and more angular and clean cut surroundings.

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