Anya Furniture Collection

Mango sideboard with brass coloured handles
Anya Large Sideboard
W138 × D38 × H75 cm
Mango wood cabinet with groove pattern doors and brass finish handles
Anya Cabinet
W70 × D38 × H93 cm
Mango wood TV stand
Anya Wide TV Stand
W120 × D43 × H46 cm

Anya is the queen of textured furniture, with the full range leaning heavily on the importance of texture over colour, and ornate shapes over intricate details.

Despite each piece in the collection being made from a naturally finished mango wood, the way that the ridges have been cut into the drawer and cupboard fronts gives each a luxurious and classy finish, perfect for both the neutrals of a modern space and the intricacy of a more traditional space. Read more…

The legs and handles have been similarly selected to really compliment the vibe of the darker mango wood, with a golden brass look-finish adding further elegance and depth to the items.

And it doesn’t finish there. The handles are deliberately finished in a sharp and angular edged shape, which mimics the diagonal pattern of the ridge cut doors but in a contrasting direction.

This, paired with the rounded legs on each piece, creates a work of harmonious contradictions which really celebrates the importance of pattern and texture across the modern home space.

Built to last, each of these pieces is durable but lightweight and easy to use. Best of all, with the natural finish of the wood and the different shapes and aesthetic details of each piece in the collection, you can opt for as many individual items as you like across the home without the concept feeling overwhelming or overdone.

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