Santino Dining Chair

Oak dining chair with tan faux leather backrest and seat pad
A dining chair built to revolutionise the mealtime market, combining comfort with style and optimum accessibility…
Oak frame dining chair with tan faux leather backrest and seat
Santino Dining Chair, Tan
W56 × D60 × H78 cm
Tan/oak dining armchair
Santino Dining Armchair
W57 × D59 × H78 cm

It’s time to say goodbye to formal dining chairs with straight backs and uncomfortable seats – and hello to a new generation of dining furnishings. The Santino dining chair has been built with both aesthetic grandeur and comfort in mind, combining a rounded backrest with integrated armrests and an upholstered seat pad for maximum relaxation and support. Read more…

The backrest is what makes this dining chair stand out, as despite the minimalist use of materials and the oversized gap between the backrest and seat bad, everything about the structure has been designed with full support and comfort in mind.

The rounded shape allows the user to settle back into the chair and benefit from complete surrounding support, while the gap ensures that the chair is flexible in terms of how much space users have.

The seat is also lightly dipped to again offer comfort as well as support, while the angled legs maximise the size of the seat and ensure that it offers plenty of room.

This chair is finished with a tan leather fabric, lending itself to an elegant and modern home setting – complimenting both natural materials and rich colour schemes with ease.

Make mealtimes better and more comfortable with the Santino dining chair.

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