Motion Corduroy Upholstered Dining Chairs

A common trend in the interior sector is the return of vintage furnishings and designs – whether that be the intricacy of ornate carvings, or the reimagining of vintage patterns and fabrics. This collection of chairs falls into the latter category, embracing the visual power and comfort of corduroy as a statement fabric covering for a modern and eclectic dining space.

Green cord dining chairs
Cream Cord Dining Chairs
Grey cord dining chairs
You only have to look at the colours on offer to understand the main intention of these chairs in terms of design flair and interior use. With terracotta, green, a neutral sand colour, and grey all paired in sets of two chairs, these chairs have been designed to stand out and elevate the aesthetic of your dining space – fusing both colour and texture together to present a stylish finish. READ MORE…

From a buyer perspective, it is not just the unique design of these chairs which makes them a great addition to a dining space.

With padded and fabric-covered seat cushions and the curved backrest, these chairs are also infinitely comfortable and offer a high level of support and stability.

Whether you select a series of chairs for your dining room or lean on these chairs to become standalone statements in an open plan home, the assortment of colours allows you to find your ideal finish whatever the surroundings.

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