Megan Dining Tables

Round solid teak dining table with square base
Megan Round Dining Table
Available in 2 sizes 120 cm – 140 cm
From £1,825
Rectangular teak dining table with twin square base
Megan Rectangular Dining Table
Available in 4 sizes 180 cm – 300 cm
From £2,425

If you’re looking for a dining table which will instantly become a centrepiece in your dining room or open plan living space, drawing the eye while complimenting your surrounding design and interior aesthetic, then look no further than the Megan dining table set. Read more…

Constructed from a rich coloured teak wood which delivers timeless style, warmth, and elegant grandeur, this table ticks a lot of boxes for modern and more traditional homeowners – and with the design available in both rounded and square-edged tables, it couldn’t be easier to match with your available space.

One of the overriding benefits of this particular dining table design is its compatibility with different dining chairs and varied settings.

The use of natural wood is one which has long contributed towards more eclectic homes in that the wood brings to life a wide and endless array of different colourways and design schemes – however, this particular design does all this while retaining a sense of calm and elegance.

Incredibly durable owing to the heavyweight structural design, the plinths of wood that the surfaces are set upon is thick and squared off – instantly complimenting the angular edges of a modern home amid the much softer natural wood grain patterning which runs throughout.

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