Max Brass Dining Table

Acacia dining table and matching bench with brass coloured iron legs
Max Brass 6 Seater Dining Table
W200 × D100 × H76 cm
Max 2- Seater Bench
W180 × D38 × H45 cm
Acaia wood dining table with brass coloured legs
Max 8 Seater Brass Dining Table
W240 × D100 × H76 cm
Max 3-Seater Bench
W200 × D38 × H45 cm

Turn every meal into a celebration with the ornate, stylish, and incredibly elegant Max Brass dining table. With a table this attractive, you don’t really need tablescapes or surrounding décor – with the combination of varnished natural acacia wood and the golden brass legs giving this table an enticing and almost regal aesthetic. Read more…

The interesting thing about this table is that both elements of the frame are equally enticing from an aesthetic point of view – yet the thick wood of the surface and the thin and unassuming structure of the frame and table legs are completely contradictory.

The choice to keep the table legs thin ensures that the golden brass material does not detract from the beauty of the natural wood – enhancing rather than shifting focus.

Matching bench seats are available if you want to create a harmonious and cohesive dining space, or why not explore different dining chairs which combine the elegance of the gold brass with the rustic simplicity of the natural wood table surface.

This is a dining table which is designed to stand out and can be used as a standalone feature or with linen and other dressings which elevate and bring to life your chosen interior style.

Now all you need is a delicious meal and a handful of guests to invite over!

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