Matola Dining Table

Round oak dining table with spindle legs
Matola 6 Seater Round Extendable Dining Table
W120 -160 × D120 × H75 cm
Rectangular dining table with spindle legs
Matola 8 Seater Rectangular Extendable Dining Table
W108 – 260 × D215 × H72 cm

When it comes to dressing a dining room, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between a versatile and modern space, and one which is infused with personality and charm for all occasions. The Matola dining table combines its modern natural wood finish and selection of features with an ornate design which taps into more traditional furnishings and standout pieces. Read more…

To look at the surface alone, you see a clean natural wood with highlighted colours and unique grain patterns throughout.

However, moving down the table towards the legs, you will see that both the round and rectangular shaped tables boast a lip which connects the surface to the legs below, with ornately carved and rounded pillars which add design flair to the legs.

Despite the entire table and its frame being crafted from the same wood, the use of carving makes for a more intricate and standout design – making the Matola collection of dining tables perfect for open plan or large dining spaces where a focal point is needed.

Finally, to consider the versatile functional purpose of the table, it’s important to recognise the variety in structural design – with a round table for smaller spaces and an extendable rectangular table for larger and open plan dining areas.

A dining solution for all families and homes.

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