Margo Button Back Dining Chair

Natural tweed upholstered dining chair with button backrest
Margo Button Back Dining Chair, Brushed Tweed, Natural
W48 × D62 × H85cm
Light grey fabric upholstered dining chair
Margo Button Back Dining Chair, Brushed Tweed, Light Grey
W48 × D62 × H85cm
What do you look for when selecting the perfect dining chair? Do you want something which is infinitely comfortable and which will make sitting at the table during meals and admin tasks a more enjoyable experience, or do you want a set of chairs which integrate well into the design of your space and which take up as little floorspace as possible? Read more…

When selecting the best dining chairs for your home, we recommend starting with an ideal aesthetic and going from there, with the Margo Button Back dining chairs designed with an eye for comfort as well as style, using soft fabrics and a cushioned frame to ensure that the dining space looks as welcoming as it feels.

With two main colour palettes available, the Margo Button Back dining chair couldn’t be easier to integrate into your home, through the soft grey or warm cream colour – both constructed through a subtle tweed style of fabric which optimises the durability and strength of the material and creates that texture which is so popular in modern and minimalist homes.

Finally to the button detailing, which serves to add an extra layer of decorative elegance to each individual chair, and which unities the modern colour scheme with traditional home furnishings for a timeless design.

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