Habitat Iver Dining Table

Round black dining table with conical base
Habitat Iver Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining Table
W120 × D120 × H77 cm
Round black conical dining table with 4 black curved back dining chairs
Habitat Iver Dining Table & 4 Sophie Black Chairs
Round black dining table and 4 black chairs with woven seat pads
Habitat Iver Dining Table & 4 Hannah Black Chairs

A dining table is so much more than just a surface to eat from. It combines the need for a functional surface space with the desire for a design which compliments the setting it’s in – becoming a part of family life which is a centrepiece during mealtimes and celebrations, but which also integrates seamlessly when not in use. Read more…

The Habitat Iver dining table is, in many respects, an incredibly simple table by design – setting the round surface atop a conical shaped base.

However, what makes this a standout and modern furnishing is the decision to render this conical plinth an oversized and enlarged statement, which is finished in a black paint with a subtle sheen to the surface which reflects the light.

This, combined with the matching black surface which can be transitioned between a larger round and a smaller rectangular surface as required, means that your table becomes an effortless focal point in your home.

To integrate this table into your setting, homeowners can either mimic its style with matching black chairs, or else balance the black table with colourful or white chairs that contrast and illuminate the surrounding space – using clever tablescapes to lean into the position of this table as a definitive focal point and centrepiece.

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