Habita Zela Dining Table

Round glass dining table with oak finish base
Habitat Zela Glass 4 Seater Dining Table
H75 × Dia.100 cm
Rectangular glass dining table with oak finish base
Habitat Zela Glass 6 Seater Dining Table
W180 × D75 × H75 cm
Round glass coffee table with oak finish frame
Habitat Zela Glass 6 Seater Dining Table
H34 × Dia.80 cm

Looking to make your dining space more modern in time for your next family get-together? Then look no further than the Habitat Zela table. Read more…

A mix of natural wood and glass, this table is effortless in its modern design, with the simple structural flair of the wooden frame getting its moment in the spotlight through the transparent surface of the glass.

The benefit of the glass surface in particular not only means that you can see and enjoy the design of the wooden table frame, but also ensures that the structure remains a light and reflective addition to the room.

Adding candles and table lights to the surface allows light to be reflected and bounced around the room – making this table perfect for occasions and get-togethers.

And it’s not just dining tables that span this collection. The Habitat Zela collection also incorporates a matching coffee table which boasts the same design flair and benefits.

Homeowners with small living spaces particularly love this table as it provides a functional and practical surface but without feeling like it takes up too much floorspace.

You can even place a design centric rug beneath your table and still enjoy its design, thanks to the glass finish.

An easy way to make your home feel lighter, brighter, and infinitely more modern.

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