Ercol Monza Dining Range

Oak dining table with black painted frame with matching bench and chairs
Ercol Monza
With an eye-catching black and natural wood colour palette, rounded corners, and a simple and minimalist A-frame design, this dining range is built to be functional and to integrate seamlessly within a modern or industrial setting
Oak top dining table with black frame
Ercol Monza Medium Extending Dining Table
W175 – 220 × D90 × H75 cm
Curved back dining chair with oak seat and black-painted frame
Ercol Monza Dining Como Armchair
W59 × D43 × H73 cm
Black/oak spindle back dining chair
Ercol Monza Dining Chair
W49 × D50 × H92 cm
Oak 2-door, 3-drawer sidebaord
Ercol Monza Large Sideboard
W150 × D45 × H80 cm
Black/oak leaning bookcase with storage base
Ercol Monza Tall Shelving Unit
W100 × D40 × H170 cm
The minimal colour palette, which lends itself to a cool neutral or more traditional interior scheme, makes this dining range easy to dress and accessorise – while the complimentary storage units including the sideboard and ladder shelving unit create a sense of cohesion throughout the space. Read more…

To look specifically at the dining range, this collection combines the elegance of individual chairs with the rustic concept of bench seating – enabling homeowners to try both options out and mix and match their seating layout in line with the modern affinity for juxtaposing textures and structures.

Beyond that, there are two different dining chairs available – one with a rounded back and the other with a most angular structure – giving you variety and the illusion of a multi-layered dining set perfect for a neutral room.

This is the perfect dining range, complete with matching storage furnishings, to carry you through the seasons – the natural grain of the wood coming to life with the warm glow of summer months, while the black frame instils a wintery and cosy vibe.

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