Corner Dining Sets

For a small space, these corner dining sets make a great solution. You get the seating capacity of a regular dining table but without needing to take up an entire room.

The designs tend to be tradition ‘farmhousey’ although you can also find some contemporary alternatives. That said, the choice isn’t as great as you’ll find for most other dining sets. Here are a few of the most popular sets…

Cream painted corner dining set
Haversham Solid Pine Corner Dining Set with Bench
A combination of a corner nook, table and bench in natural pine and cream.
Table: W109 × D65 × H73 cm.
Bench: W102 × D28 × H43 cm.
Corner Nook: W161 × D123 × H85 cm.
£300 from
White-painted corner dining set
Newport Corner Dining Set With Storage Bench
A white painted set with concealed storage in the corner seat.
Corner nook: W158 × D120 × H85 cm
Bench: W109 × D30 × H44 cm
Table: W109 × D65 × H74 cm
£369 plus delivery from
Dining table, bench and corner bench
Ohio Table & Bench Dining Set
A contemporary dining table with PU Leather upholstered benches.
Table: W160 × D90 × H76 cm
Corner Bench: W211 × D180 × H47 cm
Single Bench: W143 × D44 × H46 cm
£999 plus delivery from
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