Update Your Bedroom with a New Headboard

A new headboard offers a great way to update your bedroom in an instant, and there are loads of styles, designs, and colours to choose from. Whether you’re looking to introduce a rustic vibe, create a luxurious space, or add a pop of colour, we have a few ideas for you!

Headboards for rustic bedrooms

If you love rustic style interior design, a rattan headboard will work perfectly in your bedroom. Natural in colour and offering an easy way to bring the outside in, rattan is a strong and durable option as it creates a secure weave which will stay in place and look great for many years.

The neutral tone of rattan means that it will effortlessly complement your decor scheme, and its unique and instantly recognisable look is guaranteed to update your bedroom.

Another great thing about rattan headboards is that they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find an option that completely suits your tastes.

Circular rattan headboard
The striking Cane Rattan Headboard is a lovely example thanks to its beautiful semi-circle design and intricate detailing, and it’s guaranteed to make a statement.
From dumelm.com

Headboards for luxurious bedrooms

There’s no better way to add instant luxury to a room than with the addition of velvet, and a velvet headboard offers a quick and easy way to do this.

Soft in texture and available in a range of colours, velvet headboards are ideal for anyone hoping to update their bedroom in a sophisticated and elegant way.

A velvet headboard with a thick weave will be just as durable as it is attractive, and they’re wonderfully timeless which means that you can enjoy yours for years to come.

Pink plus velvet headboard
The Ava Velvet Headboard is a lovely option for any luxurious bedroom.
Boasting a seashell shape detailed with deep, vertical lines, this headboard is padded for comfort and wrapped in your choice of blush pink, navy, charcoal, or silver velvet fabric, offering an option for any home.
From very.co.uk

Headboards in eye-catching colours

A headboard in an eye-catching shade offers a great way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom, instantly updating the space.

From rich, luxurious tones to bright options that are sure to make a statement, there are headboards available in almost any colour you can think of. A coloured headboard can help you to draw out existing tones in your decor or add a completely new shade to the room – the possibilities are endless!

Pink buttoned headboard
Available in 30 shades and a variety of materials, the Rouen Full Depth Upholstered Headboard has an option for every bedroom.
Topaz Pink and Erin Duck Egg will bring gorgeous, subtle tones into your room, bold Saga Mustard is great for lovers of retro style, and Erin Damson is perfect for sophisticated spaces.
From johnlewis.com

Whichever one of these headboards you choose, it’s guaranteed to help you to update your bedroom and create the perfect space for you.

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