Living Room Lighting Options


One of the most popular and stunning lighting options for a living room is a chandelier.

Chandeliers usually have a body, arms, candles and crystal ornamentation. The body is the central part to which the arms attach. The arms extend outward from the body and become the base for the candle. All of these things may then be dressed with various crystal ornaments.

If you are looking for an adjustable chandelier for your home and you cannot decide on the width of the chandelier, then first of all you should calculate the dimensions of the room. You just need to add the width and length of the room in feet, and then convert this figure to inches.

The number you get in inches is the near about diameter of the chandelier that you need to purchase. Some people prefer oversized chandeliers for their room; they can be used design wise, but an undersized chandelier must be avoided except in the case where you are using multiples.

Secondly, the placement of the chandelier is very important, so that it shines properly. In the dining room, the chandelier should be placed exactly over the centre of the table. However, the roughly estimated gap between the table and the chandelier must be about 30 inches to avoid accidents.

Taking Care of Your Chandelier

If you do become the proud owner of a chandelier, you will want to take special care of it so that it lasts a lifetime, so will need to know about care and maintenance. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your wonderful chandelier shining its brightest.

Crystal chandeliers need cleaning when the crystal loses its shine and starts looking dull. Clean modern-style chandeliers with glass shades when they begin to look dusty or grimy. To keep your chandelier clean, dust it lightly every two or three months with a feather or wool duster.

Before you start cleaning, be sure you know how your chandelier crystal or glass design goes together before you begin cleaning. If you are unsure, make a quick drawing of where all the parts go, take a snapshot to get a visual picture; or clean the piece in small sections.

Don’t twirl or rotate any chandelier when cleaning it. Walk or move your ladder around it and clean in sections. When you rotate a chandelier, you stand the chance of loosening the support, which could cause the chandelier or its crystals to fall.

Always work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging any of the hanging glass or ornaments. If the chandelier is hard to get at, it’s a good idea to take out all of the bulbs when you are cleaning it.

The Cleaning Process

Spray a small amount of the cleaning solution on a cloth, wipe the crystal or glass, and then dry it immediately with another glove or cloth. When in doubt, completely removing the glass or crystal is a safer bet. You’ll also be able to better get at the chandelier frame this way.

You can also try hand-washing crystal or glass in lukewarm soapy water, using mild dish soap. Rinse immediately in clean water and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

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