Kitchen Storage Solutions

An organised kitchen

Keeping clutter under control in the kitchen is important. Knowing how to store things adequately will help.

Expand Your Kitchen Shelves

If you keep a lot of canned goods in your kitchen cupboards or pantry, it is often difficult to find what you are looking for when they are stacked row upon row. Kitchen shelf organisers are devices that sit on your shelf and expand to fit the size of your cupboard. They are styled in steps to that when your canned good are set on them you can easily see what is on your shelf.

Glassware and Mugs

These are items that are often over accumulated. Make sure you have enough to suit your family’s need but not excessive amounts as they do take up a lot of cupboard space. Save space by installing a row of hooks under your cabinets and hanging mugs or cups there.

Small Appliances

Kitchen work surfaces often become cluttered and over crowded by small appliances like coffee makers, toasters, coffee grinders, juicers, bread makers and blenders. Some of these appliances like toasters and coffee makers you may use every day, but the others you will probably use less often, if at all. Clear you surfaces by putting those less often used appliances away in a cabinet until they are needed.

Kitchen Cabinets

While you’re in there you might as well sort them out too. Why not hang pots and pans from a rack from the ceiling to save space and give your kitchen a decorative look. Stack dishes and plates neatly.

And it’s probably time to recycle all empty those plastic ice cream containers and foil take away trays you’ve been accumulating. Keep cutlery tidy with a draw organiser. Use a special draw or wall organiser for foil and cling film.

Keeping Abreast of the Fridge

Keep your fridge fresh by making sure that you throw out anything that has started to spoil straight away. Designate each shelf for different items so you have a space for dairy, a space for cold cuts and a space for leftovers, so that you and your family can find anything straight away.

Keep a notepad on your fridge so that you and your family can keep a handy grocery list of what you need, for when you shop each week.

Table Linens

Store sets of place mats or everyday tablecloths with a piece of cardboard between them. That way, the ones that are on top of the pile won’t get crumpled when you pull out the ones that you want below. You can make the dividers out of cardboard boxes or sheets of poster board.


Group pantry supplies so that it is easy to do a quick inventory of what you have and what you need. Cereals, pasta, canned soups, cooking oils, condiments, and beverages like coffee and tea should each have a designated space.

Cereals should be stored in plastic, airtight containers. Store small cans, jars, and boxes in front of larger items so they’re as easy to see as they are to reach.

Letting Go

Finally throw out those chipped dishes, pans without lids, out of date cake mixes and herbs and spices that you have had in the cupboards for more than six months. Toss any old baking sheets and cake tins that have started to rust. Discard Tupperware container whose lids no longer seal.

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