How to Keep Your Wooden Furniture in Top Shape

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Wooden furniture is not only very decorative but it is very durable as well, of course, if cared for properly. How to keep your wooden furniture in top shape depends on the type of wood from which it is made and above all, where do you keep it.

Obviously, there is a major difference in caring for outdoor and indoor wooden furniture. We will therefore take a look at the basics of wooden furniture care according to its location.

How to Care for Indoor Wooden Furniture

Indoor wooden furniture care more or less consists of regular dusting and occasional cleaning. Quality solid wood furniture does not need any special cleaning or wood care products. In fact, the fewer you use the better because most wood care products are chemicals some of which can even harm your wooden furniture.

If you would like to “feed” the wood and restore its shine, be sure to choose a quality wood care product or contact the manufacturer for an advice if you are not sure which one to choose.

There are not many, but there are a few threats to your indoor wooden furniture and can potentially cause a serious damage to it. Examples include moisture, heat and the UV light.

Wood has the tendency to absorb moisture and even if it is painted or stained, most types of wood can be affected by mould and mildew. So if you can see or smell moisture, you better do something about it as soon as possible.

In addition, it is not only posing a threat to your wooden furniture but to your health as well. Also, be sure to keep your furniture away from direct sources of heat such as radiators and away from the windows because the UV light that penetrates through the glass can cause it to fade.

And of course, clean up any spills as soon as you notice them to avoid the problem with stubborn stains.

How to Care for Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh conditions ranging from the weather extremes to wood-eating insects.

If your outdoor furniture is made from a type of wood which is not naturally resistant to the outdoor elements, be sure to treat it periodically with protective treatments according to the manufacturer’s recommendation but keep in mind that no available treatment provides a 100% protection.

You are advised to limit exposure to the most damaging elements such as rain and direct sunlight to the minimum and store your furniture indoors during the winter or cover it with a garden furniture cover.

If your garden furniture is made from teak, you do not have to worry about the outdoor elements causing damage to it or affecting its durability in any way but only if it is made from grade A teak.

Grade B and C teak, on the other hand, require periodic protective treatments to extend their durability.

Also, be sure to clean your outdoor wooden furniture on a regular basis regardless from which type of wood it is made because unfortunately, none is resistant to dust and dirt.

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