How to Create a Stylish Private Space Just for Yourself

Everyone needs their own space, whether it is a large area in the family home or perhaps just the corner of a room in a shared apartment. Having somewhere you alone can go to work, pursue a hobby or even just think can do wonders for your health and well being.

Your space may be small but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be stylish. The more you plan and design it, in fact, the more it will feel like your own.

Under stair study area
Make that unused space your own with a desk and some shelving.

Identify Your Space

Start off by deciding where your space will be. Ideally, it will be well away from the rest of the house – in an attic, basement, outbuilding or back room, perhaps. But this will not always be possible.

If you live in a busy household that is bursting at the seams, you may need to be a little creative.

Consider opening up an under-stairs space, designating yourself an alcove in the living room or even revealing space in a built-in wardrobe to create a pull-out work station that no-one but you is allowed to use.

Bold use of colour
Splashes of colour can be used to great effect no matter how small your space.

Bring in Some Colour

Think about how you plan to use your space, and that will help you decide on colour. Remember, no matter how small your area is, you can still bring in an individual decorative style that will help to give it its own identity.

For relaxation, think about calming pastel shades or classy heritage hues. If you plan to work in your space, you may opt for a tasteful antique white or a light biscuit tone.

If your private space is for exercising or another dynamic activity you could risk bringing in some stronger colours that are particular favourites of yours.

Reading on rug
Even a cubby hole in the bedroom can be given its own fabulous rug.

Carpets and Other Flooring

Don’t be tempted to stick with the existing flooring in your space. Differentiate your private area from the rest of the house by varying it underfoot as well as around you.

Once again, consider how you plan to use your space. For exercise, a wooden floor might be best and for relaxation, perhaps a carpet.

Search around for something that will bring style to your space. By looking on line or visiting a reclamation yard, you could find off-cuts of oak or walnut at a reasonable price.

If your space is small, you may find that laying a natural flooring, such as jute or sisal, need not cost the earth – and could look fabulous.

Wicker chair
A comfortable chair need not cost much but can make or break your personal space.

Furnishing Your Space

You may be tempted to find bits and pieces from the rest of the house to use in your private space. If your budget is tight, then why not do this – or visit a second hand or junk shop – and then give the items a new look. An old wooden chair or desk can be rubbed down, painted and then distressed to create a stylish “shabby chic” look.

A comfortable chair can be given a face lift if reupholstered in a trendy fabric or can be refreshed simply by draping it in a plain throw that fits in with the colour scheme in your space.

Pictures and lamp
Find pictures, hang mirrors and set up table lamps to make it yours!


Finally, accessorise your space as you choose. This is your private area and you need to arrange it with whatever makes you feel comfortable. Once again, resist the temptation to compromise.

Spend time seeking out that stylish frame or that eye-catching lamp that you particularly like. High street stores and internet sites dedicated to homeware have some great one-off pieces.
Less can be more when you are decorating your private space and just the right item that you have chosen yourself could really set it off.

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