Every Head Should Have a Bed

Child with her new bed from zarach

At Furnitureco, we’re proud to be supporting Zarach – because every head should have a bed. Zarach is working hard to offer help to families living in poverty through providing beds and other basics to those who need them most.

Zarach is a small charity with no paid executives or trustees, and all of the money that they raise goes directly to where it’s needed. Founded by Bex Wilson, an assistant head teacher at a primary school in Leeds, Zarach provides beds to children who may otherwise be sleeping on the floor. This ensures that children have what they need to get a good night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed and ready to learn.

A bed bundle, which consists of a bed, mattress, duvet, pillow, bed sheets, pyjamas and a hygiene kit which would usually retail for around £500 can be provided at a subsidised cost of just £150 to Zarach, which means even only a small donation makes a big difference. Food parcels and school uniforms are sometimes sourced too depending on the needs of the family.

So far over 1,400 children have benefited. Referrals are received from Zarach’s unique network of school and partner organisations, and within 7 days the family will have been contacted and a bed bundle will be on its way via one of Zarach’s experienced team.

Website: zarach.org

Donate: zarach.org/donate/

Registered Charity No. 1179539