Creating a Space Where You Can Cook and Eat

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The kitchen is one room in the house that gets a lot of traffic. If you don’t have a separate dining room then you need to be able to design a combined kitchen and dining area that suits your needs and your tastes. If you plan carefully you can make this work even if you don’t have a great amount of space.

Getting the Kitchen Area Right

Here are a few things to consider:

  • A central island unit doesn’t just give you a surface on which to prepare food while facing outwards into the room (much more sociable); it also creates a subtle divide between the kitchen and your dining area. You could even try doubling up the island as a dining table, ideal if the space is too tight to fit in a separate one.
  • If your room overlooks your garden, it’s a good idea to keep kitchen units at the opposite end of the room from doors leading outside so people won’t be walking straight into your kitchen workspace.
  • A more relaxed look for the units will suit this room better than a formal approach – open shelving instead of wall-hung cupboards, freestanding furniture rather than fitted, and a table and dining chairs that blend with but don’t match the units will all help everything blend together.
  • In a busy room, it always pays to keep your main buys simply designed and in neutral colours, whether light or dark. You can always add splashes of colour and individuality with accessories.

Choosing a Breakfast Bar

The kitchen is a meeting place for families, friends and good conversation. A breakfast bar is great if you don’t have room for a dining table, it’s a great place to congregate, eat and chat.

You’ll want to choose a breakfast bar style that fits with the style and flow of the other rooms in your home.

If you’re looking for a comfortable space for family and friends, consider a contemporary look with clean, slim lines and strong silhouettes.

Comfortable and contemporary styles could include bar stools with comfortable, cushioned seats in soft fabrics, covered in bold coloured fabrics and pleasant prints.

If you want to go for a more traditional look, choose a mix of English, French or casual decorating ideas, including pieces made of iron or more heavily carved wood.

For a classic country look, consider bar stools made from maple, covered with soft floral fabric.

Creating a Separate Dining Area

If you have room for a separate dining area make sure that it blends in with the style of your kitchen.

Choose dining furniture that matches the style and colour scheme of your kitchen cabinets and counters so the effect is a natural movement from one area to the other.

If you have a window you may want to create a dining ‘nook’ style area where you can relax while you eat and enjoy the view at the same time.

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