Choose the Right Indoor Plants for Your Home

Bringing house plants into your home can add style and an element of freshness to a room, as well as giving the space a more natural feel. But it is very easy to choose an indoor plant that will look great without necessarily considering how it will thrive in the position you have chosen.

So before you go out and fill your shopping trolley with examples that take your fancy, do you research and then embark on a little planning – and, of course, be prepared to care for them as necessary.

Peace Lily
Entrance Hall
Consider then something like a Peace Lily, but set it well back where it won’t suffer from drafts through the front door.

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a converted barn or other building with large windows on to the front of your home, your reception hall and entrance corridor is likely to be less light than some other areas of your house.

Another indoor plant that can survive with low levels of light is the Aroid Palm. This deep green plant will make an immediate impact as visitors step into the house.

Yucca plant
Living Room
If your room is bright, with large French windows, perhaps, how about a Pygmy Date Palm or perhaps a Spineless Yucca?

You can have real fun deciding on and positioning plants in your living or sitting room. Consider the size of your space and, once again, light levels. Shade them from extreme sunshine but water them regularly and watch them thrive and really add something to the space.

Why not take the opportunity to grow some Basil in a pot, as this will often thrive better inside than out.

Having a few indoor plants on window sills in the kitchen can bring a real Mediterranean feel to the room. Consider growing a few herbs too – Sage, Oregano, Coriander or Mint will all bring glorious scents to the room while giving you handfuls of fresh ingredients right there when you need them.

Consider something like an Aspidistra, which won’t mind the lack of light or a Ficus plant – but keep an eye on this if your bathroom ceiling is low as they can grow very tall indeed.

A plant can really enhance a bathroom but the warm, often steamy atmosphere of needs to be taken into account when planning which plants to bring in here.

Devil’s Ivy Plant
If your landing is lacking in light, why not position a Devil’s Ivy in the corner? This will bring green colour to your space. You could even climb it up the banisters.

If you have a lighter landing and some good height and floor area, you could bring a Bamboo in. That could create interest to an otherwise dull area of the house.

Do something special up here – and bring in a little colour. Why not consider having some Orchids in this room?

Try a dramatic Amaryllis with its large blooms if you have reasonable space in your bedroom. If not, how about some flowering Cacti to bring in some accents of beautiful colour?

Do not over water them, however, and, as with other indoor plants in the house, make sure you follow instructions carefully as to positioning and feeding.

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