Accessorising Your Bathroom

decorative bathroom accessories

Accessorising your bathroom can make the difference between a stark, monochrome room and a warm, colourful one. A few simple change can jazz up your bathroom and make it more welcoming.

Making the Most of Colour

If your bathroom is monochrome (mostly white), then you might want to make changes to make it look warmer and less stark, while at the same time keeping it looking clean and fresh.

The first, and very simple, step is to start with the towels. Strong, bold colours can give an entirely new look and feel to the room.

You may want to choose towels with a pattern, fish, for example. If so, this can become a theme to carry trough your bathroom accessories.

A shower curtain is another way to bring bold colour into the bathroom. For a warmer, more elegant feel, use a fabric shower curtain with a printed or embroidered pattern.

Don’t forget to add a brightly coloured area rug, this will make the room feel warmer and will add to safety when you’re stepping from the bath or shower. You can also add light switch covers and outlet covers to add colour and follow your theme.

Match Items to the Colour or Theme

Another way to jazz up your bathroom is with a soap dish/dispenser, toothbrush holder and tissue dispenser. Choose these items to match your colour scheme or your theme.

A small basket on your vanity can be used to hold shells or pot-pourri this adds an attractive ornament and will also help to keep the room smelling fresh.

Fill a glass jar with colourful soaps and keep it on your vanity, by the sink. Place some scented candles on your vanity, window sill and shelves, use them when you’re having a relaxing soak in the tub.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Every bathroom has a mirror, and here you can really go to town. Make it a feature by choosing something a little out of the ordinary. Hang a mirror with a patterned frame or one that is an unusual shape.

Think about how you want to light you mirror. You may want a spot light above the mirror, or you may want lighting all around the glass for that Hollywood studio effect.

If you have a small bathroom, consider a collection of small mirrors arranged on a side wall to make the room look a little bigger and brighter.

Bathroom Shelving

If you have room, consider adding shelving to your bathroom. A small bookcase for towels and cosmetics or a small cart on wheels can make a convenient storage space as well as adding a decorative touch.

If you want a novel storage solution for your towels use a wooden or wrought iron wine rack, roll your towels and store them in the rack.

Artwork in the Bathroom

Just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t hang pictures on the walls. Most bathrooms have at least one wall with no fixtures. Don’t leave that wall bare. Hang a collection of small prints, pressed flowers or photographs.

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