4 Tips for making your garden more eco-friendly

We need to save money in every way possible in the current economic downfall, and we can do so in our garden, without a lot of effort. Along with that creating an eco-friendly garden will help the environment, and if a lot of us do it we could have a massive effect on the planet.


We need to slow down the effect of the ‘Greenhouse effect’, simple things we do in our everyday life such as recycling will help but there are a few things we can do in our garden also. In this article I will give you four easy tips that you can use in order to make your garden more eco-friendly.

Produce your own vegetables

If everybody grew at least a few of their own vegetables then there wouldn’t be the need there is now for shipping everything around the country. The uses of big Lorries like there is are having significant damage on the ozone layer.

As well as saving our environment you can save yourself a few quid using this method also. So many people are under the misconception that you need a large garden and plenty of space to grow your own fruit and veg but this is not the case!

Nowadays you can simply buy hanging baskets and grow bags which are ideal for small space gardening.

Your compost heap

If you are looking for a way of recycling your own waste that in fact can be used to your benefits then making your own compost heap is ideal for this! Things such as old vegetable peel will give you the perfect recipe for success.

Along with old plants you can make a compost heap worthwhile, by gradually building it up for around 6 months nature will do the rest. Within a year you will have adopted a compost heap that is perfect for spreading and using as fertilizer across your garden and allotment.

Using water sensibly

Collecting rain water to use in your garden is a great way of helping the environment or getting a water butt is the best solution. This process is simply having a barrel to collect rain water from a nearby drain pipe, or near your garage or shed and then that can be reused in your garden.

By filling your watering can up with this water and using it on your plants you are helping the environment as you are not wasting your own tap water whatsoever!

Organic and friendly pest control

Slugs are one of the main problems for gardeners in the UK and because of slugs some gardeners put their cats and dogs at risk by using slug pellets.

The best way of getting rid of slugs is beer! Believe it or not slugs are practically alcoholics, they cant get enough of beer, so by simply digging a hole in your garden and pouring s pot of beer into it will attract the slugs and they will just dive in!

Another useful technique is a pond, this will be an expensive one though, having a pond is giving wildlife such as frogs a healthy place to live.

The pesticide control of beer really does look after the environment as you the slug pellets do release harmful chemicals into the environment so you need think before doing this in the future!

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