Shiro Bedroom Furniture

Oak bed frame with wavy headboard and brass legs
A culmination of natural wood and metal detailing gives the Shiro bedroom furniture range a unique place in the interior design market – with the low set frame of each item set atop thin metal legs exuding a super modern aesthetic finish…
Oak bed with wavy headboard
Shiro King Size Bed
W208 × D207 × H88 cm
5-drawer oak tallboy with wavy drawer fronts
Shiro Tallboy Chest of Drawers
W55 × D45 × H127 cm
Oak 3 drawer chest on brass legs
Shiro Chest of Drawers
W90 × D45 × H85 cm
2 door, 2-drawer oak wardrobe
Shiro Double Wardrobe
W100 × D60 × H195 cm

The pin-like legs, with their small rounded base and thin shape, juxtapose the oversized wooden frames in an interesting take on mix and match design – and that’s before you look to the wooden structures themselves as part of a stylish and functional space. Read more…

The bed in particular is one of the standout pieces in this collection thanks to the headboard which stretches beyond the width of the bed on both sides and transforms into a built-in side table with integrated shelf for your personal items or morning cup of tea.

This simple but super functional and innovative idea removes the need for additional bedside tables, lending itself to the Shiro collection as being a fundamental part of minimalist bedroom design.

Similarly, the wardrobe and other storage units all combine their elegant look with functional design flair, from the cut out handles to the clean and angular edges.

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