Riva Sectional Wardrobes

Glass fronted wardrobe
A sectional wardrobe collection which not only maximises your storage but maximises the luxury of your home and storage space…
Avant closet-style open wardrobe
Avant Riva 1920
Available with 2 – 8 doors and oak, walnut or cedar finish
106 – 412 cm wide & 220 – 260 cm high
Riva Four Seasons sectional Wardrobe
Riva 1920 Four Seasons Wardrobe
Available with 2 – 8 doors, 101 – 400 cm wide and 223 – 240 cm high
Nuit 1920 Wardrobe
Nuit 1920 Wardrobe
Available with a walnut, cherry, maple, cedar or painted-black finish
133 cm wide and 190 cm high

What better way to maximise your access to storage space, while adding an unrivalled degree of opulence and luxury to your bedroom or dressing room, than with a selection of sectional wardrobes – designed exclusively to provide a tailored fit. Read more…

With a range of sections which can be mixed and matched to create a made-to-measure finish throughout your space, the intricacy in design and detailing across this collection of wardrobes ensures that it fits any space and lifestyle.

Available in a range of materials and colour palettes, with both glass fronted doors and closed doors on offer, with the Riva collection buyers have a choice between keeping their possessions and clothes on show or concealed them as part of the design of an interior space.

Some of the wardrobes lend themselves to the integration of built-in and under-shelf lighting, while others can be fitted with additional lighting as required – depending on your preference.

One of the best things about this selection of sectional wardrobes from a functional perspective is the incredibly versatility in storage space and storage solutions.

From drawers to compartments, hanging rails, and more, the Riva selection of wardrobes ticks all your boxes and ensures you have access to everything you could need.

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